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  • Sun, 01:05: When I first met @_Glitter_Bunny, if you would have told me that I would be at her first baby's birth hosp. stay, I'd have said yr insane :)
  • Sun, 01:16: "You met Jerry at the baby shower." "Did I? Oh, he was the only one here who looked like he had any sense." - @_Glitter_Bunny's dad. XD
  • Sun, 05:22: Omfg chad just kissed Sarah!!!!!
  • Sun, 05:40: "I think @JaredSheffer's spine just came out through his anus." -Steven.
  • Sun, 05:54: "I'd pick you up if I think I could. But I don't think I can, I don't wanna kill you. And I don't wanna be accused of murder."-@MaMaOohLaala
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