Lexiebug (xx_mushu) wrote,

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  • Sun, 21:28: RT @AlanHungover: Chicken pot pie, my 3 favorite things.
  • Mon, 03:08: http://t.co/K3UKzTac love.
  • Mon, 03:32: I actually get super annoyed watching YouTube videos for extended periods of time, even if the vids are good. Idk how people do it.
  • Mon, 03:42: Why does my twitter only go back to 12/7/11? =(
  • Mon, 03:45: Even @TwimeMachine can't read past December. With this, it should say I have only tweeted 680 times, ever. =(
  • Mon, 05:28: Four people besides me have changed their profile pics to pics from the party last night.
  • Mon, 05:28: Which means four people have me in their profile pics. #success! =p
  • Mon, 05:29: On a side note, I feel like there is a large water balloon in my uterus.
  • Mon, 05:45: To stay up 40 minutes so that I can start my next two dragons breeding, or to not be such a fucking loser? #desicions
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