May 5th, 2012


My tweets

  • Fri, 12:45: I'm the only person on this bus and I've got Barbara Ann stuck in my head.
  • Fri, 12:55: Apparently I charged my iPod up last night so that I could forget it at home. Crap :(
  • Fri, 12:57: This lady near me smells like foundation and macy's perfume counter.
  • Fri, 13:10: Why am I still in Bloomington? This sucks.
  • Fri, 14:12: I haven't been on this road since I lived in gosport. Damn Indiana 67.
  • Fri, 14:14: I wanna talk to Jerry about my trip but he doesn't know I'm coming #firstworldproblems
  • Fri, 14:23: Lost Inn Motel, Lost Name Steakhouse and Saloon. Yep, we're in Mooresville xD
  • Fri, 14:52: First bus of the day, done! That bus driver was awesome. I'm pretty sure I was the only one who tipped him, and it was a measly $2.
  • Fri, 14:52: I think this is going to be a pretty great surprise... I dunno :)
  • Fri, 15:08: My backpack is closed, leaving room for my iPod cord to stretch to my phone as I text on it... Why does this feel like a ghostbuster?
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