May 21st, 2012


My tweets

  • Sun, 17:42: I'm such a sensitive little bitch.
  • Sun, 18:07: I feel lame. But I'll feel worse if I don't sleep.
  • Sun, 18:25: Oh my god. I am seriously crying right now.
  • Sun, 18:30: Maybe you should realise that when someone has lost everything they have nothing left anymore. Anything's possible.
  • Sun, 19:01: @artector that's cos if you want people to show up at 5 just say 4:30. Or 4:30 ish. And be done with it.
  • Sun, 19:46: I'm having a shitty day and fuck doing anything productive. I was up for gaming until now.
  • Sun, 21:00: @dorkstack your eyes give you away.
  • Sun, 22:22: I want to be in my bed, full out of my mind, and watching skins. Season finale =O
  • Sun, 22:26: I have the skins opening stuck in my head.
  • Sun, 23:30: "it's a going away party for Jared and ira but noone invited Jared and ira's not allowed to come."
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